Free Voice Over Offer

Enjoy a FREE Voice Over from Tony Raimondo today. As a veteran, in-demand voice over talent, Tony is always glad to supply a FREE voice over for NEW media clients and studio prospects interested in using his voice work in the near future on radio commercials, tv, videos, animations, cartooon, movie trailers, telephone greetings, video games, imaging or other media. Please use the secure form below to request a 60-second voice over FREE from Tony Raimondo at TRC VOICE OVERS.

Tony will be in touch by email, or telephone within 24-hours. You can also use the LIVE CHAT for a quicker response. ALL details are required on the form below. This FREE voice over requests includes 1 free 60-second voice over, free narration, free imaging, free telephone message, or free character voice. Only 1 request is offered, and NO recut requests are offered after delivery!

DISCLAIMER: Please understand that use of this content DOES NOT include national broadcast commercials, retail video games, casino games, or cable / satellite media. If you wish to use the content within these mediums, you need to compensate Tony Raimondo at his regular rates.

Please use the Contact Form located on this website for further inofrmation.