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A creative and experienced voice artist in Arizona!

A brief bio on Tony…

Tony Raimondo launched TRC VOICEOVERS in 2011.  Experienced in working with several different businesses and organizations using his vast communication skills for presenations, special events, training and conducting group meetings. Tony has been involved in social and community activities as a volunteer and a board leader. His work experiences is available through reviewing his LinkedIn button provided above.  As a Certified Project Manager (CPM), Tony has interfaced effectively with all levels of personnel while using open and direct communication. All these experiences have supported Tony’s ability to perform as a voice over artist, which include: projects in radio, YouTube videos, telephone greetings, e-learning projects, audiobooks, narrations, podcasts, radio commercials, tv advertising, character voices and more!          

Tony is currently a voice contributor on VORadioOnLine.com providing daily “VO Technology and Gadgets” review segments. Tony has a natural way of connecting with people, sharing skills and knowledge and maintaining long-term personal and working relationships. Contact him to assist your company, or organization in being the voice of your products, services, promotions or causes!  You can also reach Tony by telephone at 702.339.0434, or by the contact form button.   

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Date: September 11, 2023


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